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The Bridge You Have To Cross

If your ministry or non-profit is more than 10 years old chances are it’s not adequately prepared for Generation-C, the connected customer.

Transactional focused fundraising, outdated websites, impersonal and anonymous messaging, or an unwillingness to adopt new methods are all bridges that must be crossed to have an impact and live out your organization’s mission in the future.

For some leading this change means helping others understand that the gap between current reality and potential effectiveness is greater than they think. It requires quantifying existing efforts in ways that make sense to both decision makers and implementers. For others it’s empowering those that do understand the future but lack the title, experiences, or current skills to courageously experiment with new tools and strategies.

“This is important as without understanding what’s important to them and why, without learning their behavior or decision making cycles, or without empathy, we cannot reverse engineer nor create a meaningful and engaging journey. We cannot create bridges from where they are to us nor can we expect them to use them.”–Brian Solis, Meet Generation C

Have you identified the bridge your organization needs to cross? If there are more than one bridge, which one will lead to the most significant results? 

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