1. DJ Jenkins says

    Has anyone told Apple this? I think they might beg to differ.

    Yeah I am not sure I buy it. I think the reason Apple’s App Store is succeeding is simplicity, security, and high quality.

    SMS and Bluetooth are simple and fast, but not good for sharing high quality content in a secure manner. Eh, but I could be wrong.

    • ha ha. i wanted to pass it on bc there are a few things that aren’t at all true of the present–bluetooth and the app store were my two.

      if you read the article they do acknowledge the power of the app store and the simplicity, security, and high quality you mention.

      the global audience and realities is interesting–for most of the world sms is THE way of transmitting data online.

  2. This is a really thought provoking article! Thanks for sharing it.

    It will be interesting to see how things flush out as the developing world goes mobile.

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