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The One Thing Your Ministry Needs to Do With the Recent Facebook Changes

Share more photos. 

A photo takes up 4x as much space as a text-based update now.

The newsfeed now features one large feed that you can curate and a small feed called the “ticker” that features almost real time updates from all of your friends.

The most powerful change is the way photos are formatted inside the newsfeed. Not only are they larger but also styled differently: if multiple photos are shared at the same time a large photo will be accompanied by two thumbnail sized photos alongside.

new facebook photos newsfeed

I measured the difference between a text only update and a photo on my laptop screen. A text-based status update measured 70px tall on my screen. A photo-based update measured 280px. 4x as large!

Facebook made these changes based on what it’s users behavior–over 6 billion photos are uploaded each month!–source Although the layout looks appealing the main reason is to make the newsfeed match the actions of it’s users. Photos are THE social currency on Facebook. Now with the ability to hide stories from people and pages even easier ministries will have to be intentional and strategic to see any kind engagement and visibility from those whom they are targeting.

If you are still wondering about the recent changes Hubspot shared All the Details on Facebook’s Newest Updates that clearly highlights the updates.

Some more interesting facts about Facebook photos from a recent Mashable post

40% More Photos are Uploaded on the Weekend

40 percent more facebook photos uploaded on the weekend

On Average there are 97,000 Photos in Every User’s Network

97 thousand photos per facebook users network

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