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This is Exactly How I Use Social Media on My iPhone

“When I have time to waste with my phone, my first choices are always Twitter, Instagram, Foursquare, and the App Store — Facebook is always an afterthought”–Dan Frommer

How do you prioritize the time you spend on social apps on your phone?


      • Yes – Instapaper is just stuff I saved to “read later”. Tho their free iPhone app is painfully bad.
        Is Readability better? Is it integrated into the Twitter app (or Tweetbot or whatever you use)?

        I haven’t gotten into using Lists like you have – but I don’t follow as many people so it hasn’t seemed necessary.
        But anyway, how I quickly work through a Twitter stream is using “read later” to bookmark stuff I want to go back and read but don’t have time to dive into right now (or don’t want to read on a small screen). I “favorite” anything that doesn’t have a link (like a quote or something).

        • i haven’t used instapaper–but i love readability

          has chrome plugin that sends articles to my kindle or to readability to read later.

          Reeder app has readability built in–so i can read my feeds + articles there.

          Tweetbot has integration to send it over.

          it used to cost money, but now it’s free.

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