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What Are You Bringing to Life as You Lead Your Ministry?

“One of the things I always do is study the object, and thinking about what is the object that we are bringing to life.” –John Lasseter

I found this short interview between Charlie Rose and John Lasseter fascinating and insightful. Lasseter created ‘Toy Story’ and ‘Cars;’ here he talks about the process of bringing animated characters to life.

There are so many things to do in ministry. Yet what I find most difficult is being the ministry to which God has called me. Do you spend time thinking about the dream that God has called you to bring to life? Or are you more concerned about measuring up to the ministry’s around you or that have influenced you?


  1. Paul Nunez says

    Brian that last question is too penetrating. Easy off a little ok? 😉

    Yeah, I really am wrestling with that- what is MY dream that FITS into the ministry I’m apart of and aligns with biblical truth? DOES it fit in with where I serve? Am I scared to bring it about?

    The pull I feel to conform and measure up to other ministries is one I constantly find myself battling. Thanks for raising that questions.

    • i wouldn’t post on this if i haven’t deeply wrestled w it! at chico i struggled more w comparing myself to other CCC ministries that i looked up to, much more than other local ministries.

      the nice thing about the Ministry Team Leader role at least for me was that it so clearly exposed my strengths and weaknesses–there was really no place to hide. after 3 years it was very clear the difference between my romantic dreams about ministry and the God-authored dreams that he had given me.

      hope you continue to see clarity!

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