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What Everyone Knows About A Stagnant Ministry…

Stagnant ministries always have leaders that fail to empower their followers.

I love ministries that take risks on young emerging leaders and hold their core group of leaders accountable to developing and passing on what they have learned to those below them. It’s the reason I chose empower as the key word that describes the main activity of a leadership core on the ministry funnel.

Student leaders can struggle with empowerment because it can feel inauthentic to share power with a social peer, or because they have been leading a short time and feel irresponsible or guilty for having others “do their job” so to speak. Regardless it’s crucial to get them to see how significant sharing and entrusting roles and responsibilities to leaders, emerging leaders, and masses–look at the ministry funnel if these terms are foreign.

I found a short film on Vimeo that illustrates the failure to empower better than anything I’ve seen. It’s funny, convicting, and motivating. Hope you enjoy and would love to hear your comments on it!

Can’t see the video? Click here to watch it.


    • hey terra i just loved the way the man moved w the flowerpot as his “legs.”

      i thought about the two leaders i was under who struggled the most w empowerment, and almost started laughing out loud as this is how i experienced their leadership–awkward, limited, ineffective.

      i honestly didn’t think about the theme or the larger narrative–just watched the man.

      did it not connect at all for you?

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