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What’s Better and Free-er Than Dropbox?

gmail iconI’m a huge fan and advocate of Dropbox. However I’ve noticed those who are beginner to intermediate in technology struggle to use Dropbox to its capacity.

I have been recommending Gmail more and more as a way to store and share files. Not Google Docs, but Gmail itself.

Why It’s Better

Everyone (except teenagers supposedly) knows how to use email. The interface is extremely familiar and whether or not you are effective at managing your email, most people can navigate and find their way around.

Gmail’s search is outstanding. Don’t remember the name of the file you want to find? Search by the person that sent it? Don’t remember the person that sent it? Search by the name of the file. Using Dropbox often leads to creating lots of folders that end up making it harder to find things.

99% of the files that I have stored are used to share with someone else–if they already live in my gmail account than it’s SUPER easy to pass those on. The Dropbox process involves two different platforms (Dropbox + Email), Gmail involves one.

Why It’s Free-er

Dropbox is free, except it’s easy to max out the initial amount of storage. In order to increase your storage you can pay or invite other friends to join, and if they do you receive more space. Even if you have lots of friends, the techy ones already have it, the non-techy ones might not make it through the complete installation process (which is required before they credit you with more space).

A Ministry Use-Case

Create a gmail account for your ministry with a password that is easy to remember. Whenever someone on your team creates a resource or document that is worth saving, have them email it to the gmail account. If you are “the resource guy” or the tech guy you have just freed yourself up from having to manage everyone else’s information. Now those people can login to Gmail, search and share the documents they need.


    • thinking about those who are not techy-savvy. google docs, like dropbox is another platform/system to learn. google docs is “part” of gmail but a completely different interface.

      i’ve been trying to be intentional about observing how people are actually using the tools that i or someone else recommends them.

      seems like a large group of people only have room for 2 online tools–a utility tool (email) and a social tool (facebook).

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