Leading Change, Social Media for Ministries
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When Change Becomes the Strategy

The assumptions with organizations is that they are created to last forever. The reality is that most for and non-profits last less than forever, and often not long at all.

Digital/social media accelerates growth (Instagram sold for $1 Billion after less than 2 years of existence) as well as decline (Borders Book Stores). Value and effectiveness are easier to spot, and there have never been more options for spending/giving money. These forces create almost a baseline of change.

Effective change requires a willingness to listen and empathize with opportunities or problems in which you might not believe. Preferences has never been more of a liability than they are today. Your preferences might literally put you out of business (Kodak).

Effective change is also incredibly rewarding on a personal level. My wife wrote a blog post that she would not have even considered writing just a few years ago. Her experiences as a mom have changed the way she looks at life. She has changed for the better, and it’s deep, lasting, and incredibly meaningful. This is within the reach of employees, when empowerment, trust, and accountability are integrated into day to day operations.

Organizations that change will succeed = Cliche

Organizations that listen, empathize, and empower people to efficiently and effectively live out their mission will achieve radical business outcomes and transform the lives of their employees = Reality

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  1. Just came across this quote:

    Whereas a firm used to keep the same business model for a generation or more, now the way in which a particular industry creates, delivers and captures value can be disrupted every few years. What’s more, the process is accelerating and business models will become even less stable. So we’re going to have to rethink much that we thought we knew.


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