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Who Designs Your Customer Experience Model?

If customers and constituents primarily connect with your brand through owned and non-owned digital channels, and create content that influences the purchasing behavior of their friends, then how can your organization still drive the experience those people have with your brand?

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Photo Credit — Google Zero Moment of Truth

#newnew organizations create a new model that impacts the customer with the right type of media, messaging, imagery, and call to action across all channels. They also have a deep understanding of where their target customers spend the most time, and have prioritized their campaigns, resources, and advertising budgets accordingly. Data is captured and leveraged to drive both strategy and refine marketing tactics.

“The requirements for CMOs have been shifting from “chief creative megaphone holder” to customer experience champion, building meaningful engagement, and driving increased loyalty and advocacy. These new priorities require intimate understanding of the customer, and the operational excellence to respond with relevant communications, content, and co-created products and services.” – How the Digitization of Everything is forcing CMOs and CIOs to evolve

 #newnew is not about being omnipresent on digital – it’s about creating a meaningful experience for customers that drives revenue.

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