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Why Your Ministry Needs to Be Lean

Fluid: “Able to flow easily.”

Sticky: “Glutinous; viscous.”

Would you say your church, ministry, or favorite non-profit flows easily from one change to the next? Or do decisions and needed actions become glutinous and viscous as the move from idea to execution?

iterative decision making

Agile and Iterative

Small and large organizations can implement agile and iterative decision making that can significantly unlock resources and repurpose them for redemptive change. The explosion of social media platforms and online data make it easy to gather the information needed to make quick but educated decisions to move ideas or products forward.

Eric Ries and Steve Blank developed The Lean Start-Up model because many small companies thought of themselves as little-big companies, and spent resources disproportionate to their reality.

I’d highly recommend reading The Lean Startup if you are seeking to lead change in a non-profit or ministry. The principles of experimentation, measurement, and rapid/iterative decision making are the foundation for leading change.

The book will help you understand what data and actions you will need to see the changes you want to make happen.

You can follow Eric Ries’ blog here.

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