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14 Problems With Mass Evangelism

“We aim for as much fruit as possible in as short a time as possible but neglect what happens after the fruit is harvested. If it sits too long it goes bad, and has to be thrown in the garbage. What’s the point? It’s just putting more ministry work on local pastors – without giving any help.”shared on this tweet.

Many Christians seem to be over-responsible for the response of strangers to evangelism. I’ve certainly had MANY instances where I feared that the Gospel would cause the person to leave the conversation, but the thought that always came to mind was ‘if they never hear it clearly, how can they genuinely respond?’

Of course there are countless examples of mass evangelism done poorly but there are just as many examples of it being done well/

Have you noticed this sentiment among those you lead? What sorts of ways have you coached them through the right attitude towards sharing the Gospel with strangers?

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  1. Well, have we have heard from any pastors in locations of a mass evangelism push talk about the benefits after of such an event after all of the hubbub and excitement has died down? I can’t personally answer this, but that would be the type of person I would be looking for in response to something like this…

    • i don’t know about pastors, but ccc often partners w other ministries during events such as these and the fallout isn’t as bad as the list would suggest, but it’s not effective either.

      w facebook being so prevalent now on campus it’s easy to see “friends of friends” in the ministry–which have the best chance of getting plugged in after an event like this.

      the problem is that events like these draw more curious strangers than friends of friends.

      i’d love to see more mass evangelism revolve around friends of friends than curious strangers.

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