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6 Different Reasons to Sketch

I’m continued to be encouraged to sketch more often. An article by Jared Spool shared six different ways sketches are used amongst teams. I thought they represented six compelling reasons to start integrating sketching into a meeting.

Jason Robb Sketch

1–To Leverage the Visual

2–To Communicate an Idea

3–To Record What We are Seeing and Hearing

4–To Work Through Some Thinking

5–To Reflect What We are Hearing (my favorite)

6–To Document

I can attest to number five as a powerful meeting communication tool. So often teams think they are talking about the same thing, and start making decisions before everyone is on the same page. Sketching has proved to clearly demonstrate whether everyone is on the same page, as well as provide a tangible object for everyone to weigh in and communicate their thoughts non-threateningly.

Any of these resonate with you?


  1. In this article from December in the NYTimes, a group of Idea Entrepreneurs tell participants to go find an buy an object at a hardware store that represents their solution to the problem. They are trying to invoke the “I think best in the shower” phenomenon. I imagine that sketching does similar things.

    see here http://nyti.ms/guNFTE

    I realized that when I got a smartphone I switched my random notetaking from a pen and paper to my phone. Great for ease, but sketching/visual representation of things became more difficult. Recently I switched to pen and paper again.

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