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Error Proof Your Ministry Structure

in n out trayTalking about changing your ministry only works if there are structures and processes in place to facilitate those changes.

The first picture to the left is from In’N’Out Burger–notice that it’s impossible for the tray to be thrown away with the food.



quiznos tray

Now look at the second picture on the left from Quizno’s–there are only words there to facilitate the change.

A ministry structure keeps out as many people as it lets in–if it’s easy to become a leader but little opportunities to lead, that draws one kind of person. If it’s hard to become a leader but wide open spaces to step out with faith and courage that draws a different person.

Here’s a couple questions to think through:

What percentage of new people come back? What are two factors that might contribute to this high or low percentage?

How many leadership positions (with titles) are there in my ministry? How many total people are involved in my ministry?

How much time (per week or per month) is required for someone to lead? There is no right or wrong answer here but if a person does not have to sacrifice another time commitment to lead then how committed at a heart level can they actually be?

What are some things you look at to error-proof your ministry?

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