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Access Causes Exploration

Providing your ministry leaders access to people and experiences leads to exploration and discovery of gifts, strengths and weaknesses that will lead to significant growth.


I have been a subscriber of Rdio for three months now. It’s similar to Netflix but for music; for $9.99 a month I can access their seemingly unlimited supply of songs, current and past. I enjoy music but hate paying for it and do not “borrow” songs from friends.

I’ve noticed the songs I consistently listen to and the range is expansive. Over half of the groups/artists in this queue I would not even have discovered were it not for Rdio.

The ministry parallel is significant–the times that I have empowered others to explore their abilities through a leadership opportunity, or connecting them with another leader that becomes a mentor or encourager has always ended up with an increase in either their character or leadership capacity.

You may not have 100,000 songs or movies to offer, but what significant people or experiences can you share with those whom you are leading to make them better?

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