Stop Growing Your Facebook Page

Many non-profits invest more time cultivating conversation than mobilizing action on their facebook pages.

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I recently ran an analytics report on one of my ministry’s larger Facebook pages. In spite of having a facebook page for over three years, the number of pageviews on the website to which we were seeking to drive has stayed the same. The primary reason this Facebook page existed was to mobilize action, yet all we focused only on cultivating conversations.

“Businesses are interacting with consumers to socialize rather than learn about customer expectations to in turn, deliver tangible value, improve product experiences, and invest in long-term relationships.”–Brian Solis

Rushing in to create a Facebook page three years ago proved a great idea; there was much less noise on Facebook at that time and the page captured likes at a greater frequency than today.

Focusing and harnessing the existing fans to take action on it’s parent website presents the greatest opportunity today. Spend two minutes today reviewing the main goals of having your Facebook page. Facebook offers the ability to reach almost everyone, but without clear goals and a plan for measuring and making changes to improve outcomes your page may become part of the overwhelming noise online.