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5 Tips to Improve or Help You Blog More Often

You want 5 quick things to make your blogging better?

  1. Brevity. Cut posts to sub-500 words.
  2. Structure. Write something others can USE.
  3. Simplicity. Big words are pretty. Help people understand the point, instead.
  4. Positivity. Writing angrily only works if you want to attract angry people.
  5. Outward-facing. Write more about others than you ever do about yourself.

–via Chris Brogan


  1. Maybe #6 should be discipline or “just build a regular time into your calendar.” Even posting a picture with a caption takes a little thought, a little planning. I am very poor at keeping a regular pace in blogging.

    • I think of this post from Chris Brogan:

      He gives me a simple structure to help me understand how to prioritize my time on social media, and how to use each social media platform strategically.

      One of my problems is that I have a small amount of time to maintain/update a large number of social media accounts. This posts gives me something I can use to make me more effective.

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