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Key Statistics on the Gen-Y Workforce

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Enjoyed reading these statistics from Generation Y: The New Kind of Workforce:

One in three said he/she would prioritize social media freedom, device flexibility and work mobility over salary in accepting a job offer.

64% of college students asks about social media usage policies during job interviews and approximately 24% says it would be a key factor in accepting the offer.

There is also a high expectation of the employee for the employer to offer a flexible schedule and freedom to work remotely.

Sixty-four percent of Gen-Y fails to list their employer on their profiles, yet they add an average of 16 co-workers each to their “friend” group.

Those that do enter workforce spend an average of just over 2 years at their first job. They are job hopping multiple times in their careers.

The theme of flexibility connected to nearly every statistic either directly or indirectly. Work and device mobility, frequent job changes, and the freedom to stay active online while they work all speak to this theme.

I see more ministries embracing remote working but I believe even greater strides can be made to empower and involve people in ministry work that are not in the office. Clay Shirky’s book Cognitive Surplus powerfully communicates the potential of part-time, distributed, asynchronous work.

How are you leveraging remote work and flexibility in your ministry or organization? What are you learning? 

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  1. Setting goals as a team. (And leaving implementation to the members.)

    This is one method my staff team and I have found effective. We’ve found it effective as well to let our student leaders set their own goals. Two main benefits: motivation and friendly accountability.

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