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Using Social Media to Listen and Build Influence

streamI discovered these quotes on Tom Forenski’s blog the other day that talk about the power of using social media to listen:

“Listening is a rare commodity in today’s world where interruptions come every few seconds and distractions are just a click away.

Listening is important to conversations, yet most people wait to speak rather than listen to what’s being said. (There are lessons here for businesses.)

Listening to social media also preserves the authenticity of what’s being said. If people have to look over their shoulder to watch what they say or share, then it will be harder to be authentic.”

Social media offers a variety of powerful channels to distribute your message. However if a ministry seeks to have true influence then listening has to be central to their social media strategy. When was the last time you willingly followed someone who shouted at you all day long?

Do you check the profiles of those you seek to influence to see what they are sharing/talking about? Is the content that you are regularly sharing related to the conversations that your audience is already having? Do you @reply as much as you talk about yourself?

Three ways to start strategically listening online:

1. Set up a google alert for your city or campus

2. Once a week visit the profiles of three people who follow you or your ministry online.

3. Seek to @reply on Twitter and like or comment on someone else’s update on Facebook before sharing anything about yourself.

Do you have any tips for listening more strategically? 

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