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3 Insights from College Ministry Bloggers

The content on the Faith on Campus Blog-athon has been interesting. The sheer variety of posts has been great for me to look over.

I mentioned on Twitter that I guest posted on 4,000 Ways to Maximize the First 4 Weeks. Click here to read it.

Here’s some quotes from the various posts that stuck out:

CCC Staff who Like Thinking About 100% Sent:

A post titled Slow Fade address similar issues: “Few would argue that some of the most passionate, gifted energy among us is housed in those who are college-aged.  And yet few have succeeded in pointing such passion and energy toward lasting, healthy ends—especially in the church.”–click here to read the whole post

Benson Hines, Re-Think Blogference author, who has his own blog btw:

As college ministers, we believe it’s more important that students find a (solid) college ministry than that they find our college ministry (even if we do prefer our own!). And we believe it’s more important that students are impacted than that they are recruited.–click here to read the whole post

Brandon Smith writes about the need for boundaries in ministry:

“Yeah, you read that right. We lived in the place where I worked. With college students. And my four kids. For three years. While this kind of living arrangement would not work for everybody, it worked for us. And there is one simple reason why it did: boundaries.”–click here to read the whole post

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