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Facebook Places and Your Ministry

facebookplacesDon’t miss the opportunity to claim your ministry place on facebook! It’s one more way that new people can find and explore your ministry online!

Here’s how:

  • You’ll need someone with a smart phone (Android or iPhone easiest)
  • Have that person go to the place where your ministry MEETS (not the place where your staff work if they are two different places).
  • On the facebook app they will need to add your place
  • If your fan page is categorized as a business then you can connect your place to your page (Inside Facebook just wrote a post on how to do this. click here to go read it.)

Nate Bingham wrote a great post on how places can assist your ministry efforts. Here was my favorite quote from his post:

“As you and other Christians “check-in” to church on a Sunday, or a Wednesday night study, all your friends will get a glimpse into your church experience. They’ll see where you spend your time, and that every Sunday, morning and night, you’re at church. It may open the door for further discussion, especially if you’ve just walked into the coffee shop they’re in (see point one). You’ll be surprised how many of the un-churched are happy to speak about Christianity and “church stuff”, even if they have to bring it up.”

A couple other reasons to add your ministry’s place to Facebook:

  • One more quality search result that will displayed for someone looking for a local ministry to attend. Remember many people who hear about your ministry will check it out online first before they attend anything in person.
  • Huge potential to get the word out online about your meetings–formerly the only way to tell people you were attending your meeting was through a status update–and then it was a challenge to get others to like or comment underneath that update to get the viral action of facebook to spread the news.
  • Huge potential to draw new people! In college ministry so many students are studying or hanging out on campus, with Facebook open. If they see a large group of people checked in at a nearby building it may not only draw out their curiosity but provide that extra push to try something new.

Have you added your place yet? How are you using it in ministry?


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