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Why You Love Survivor: Inside the Mind of Mark Burnett

I’ve shared a Brian Solis interview before with Charlene Li on Open Leadership but this one proves extremely interesting. Brian interviews Mark Burnett from Survivor and talks story-telling, behind the scenes of Survivor, and how social media will influence and affect mainstream TV.

Some key quotes:

“Electronic, omnipresent, water-cooler moment.”

“These moments become social objects that become the catalysts or sparks for conversations.”

“Casting the right people to break through the clutter and get attention.”

“It’s much more difficult to keep people coming back.”

This interview is extremely relevant to those planning conferences or events! So often I hear complaints about the lackluster turnout of various ministry events but I often wonder if the planners had spent time thinking about the needs and realities of those attending and what event, activity or person to bring in that would break through the clutter and cause them to pay attention that the turnout would be quite different.


  1. I listened intently to this interview yesterday. I found it interesting that Mark observed that within us all there is an understanding of life, death, resurrection.

    I wonder if we’ll start seeing “Electronic, omnipresent, water-cooler moments” at Christian conferences. 😉

    • yes that was a great quote as well nate-some powerful nuggets in there and certainly worth a nine minute investment.

      ha ha. i’m seriously thinking of some as i write this–i was a bit convicted thinking about how often i expect people to be engaged when i don’t take the time to really think about maximizing engagement at conferences, seminars, bible studies, events, etc.

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